Sunday, September 21, 2008

We Have Arrived

We made it folks. We have been in Oregon for a few days now. Stopped off in Bend, OR Friday before making it to Salem on Saturday at 11a.m. pacific standard time. Bend was great we went to an amazing mexican restaurant and went climbing at Smith Rock (pictured below). Our apartment was pleasantly supprising. We feel like we have to much space for how little stuff we have. So we went to good will yesterday to try and find some furniture and found an awesome picture of a group of owls instead, which now sits in our bathroom. Anyways, we are here and safe and are trying to put everything away. Come visit us becuase we have a full extra bedroom where you may sleep comfortably. We will post some more pics of the apartment soon sorry it's sort of a shambles still.


Alyssa and Connor


Anonymous said...

congratulation on your arrival and safe as jazzed about the owls but maybe it will move me when i see it in person...maybe someday...maybe...

love the dan uncle (conner x-plain to alyssa which one i am of the three)

Matt said...

Glad to hear you guys had a safe journey. I wish you both the best in exploring new beginnings. Hopefully we can meet up in the near future. Take care, be safe, and keep in touch.

*Caitlin* said...

first of all...don't talk about your yummy mexican when i am a starving pregnant person. it makes me angry.
secondly...your niece chloe misses you both. the owl picture. it made me laugh.
lastly...i'm glad you got there safe. miss and love you both!