Sunday, September 14, 2008

1 DAY LEFT....

It is Sunday. Alyssa and I are currently scrambling to put some finishing touches on the planning. We are leaving tomorrow at the crack of dawn to venture into the great unknown. Well sorta unknown. We still semi-don't have an apartment (scary) and it is 2:30 and we still only have 1/2 the truck loaded. Sweet GOD.

But we are both super excited and can't wait until our feet hit the ground in Oregon. Plans are up in the air a little bit about what to do after Yellowstone but we are thinking the Black Hills of Boise, ID rather than city of rocks. We will see how the cookie crumbles.

Cross you're fingers say a prayer and wish us luck.

-Alyss and Connor

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Tuscany said...

You guys will be fine and everything will work out. I cant wait to see ya guys. If you do get in a jam stay at my place aaron has a key for you. If not i will see ya oct 6.