Wednesday, September 24, 2008

OR at last settled at Fur Villa Apartments

Hey everyone. Connor and I have finally gotten the apartment together and looking decent enough to take pictures. We do not have much furnature to fill the place but it is nice to have room. There is an extra bedroom for anyone who wants to come visit... (hint).
So far so good. Connor is going to his second interview today with a company called K Designers. They do home remodeling. I had a Serve Safe class yesterday and learned how to avoid poisening others while preparing food. Other than that I think we have the rest of the week to check out our surroundings. Yesterday evening we drove around downtown Salem and checked out the Salem Hospital where I will be spending my first 4 weeks of internship. It looked really nice, and we saw signs claiming that it is the best hospital in OR.
Until next time...
Alyss and Connor

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Anonymous said...

204 looks pretty cool katz...second floor is nice for the calves...not that u need 2 worry bout it @ all...home sweet home...too far away for me but u kidz never listen to your U UDan (did u splain wich one i was yes con)