Saturday, June 6, 2009

Emily Haines Accoustic Set

Alyssa Waiting in Line

Emily Haines of Metric at Mississippi Studio

Emily Haines and Mississippi Studio

Sitting at work on Monday morning quietly drinking my third cup of coffee and pondering why I get up at 5:00a.m. every morning to go sit at my desk and quietly drink coffee, my phone rings.

"Guess what?" Alyssa says on the other end of the phone.

As it was now eight a.m. my initial reaction was that something had gone wrong with the car. "Car accident?" I say fearfully.

"I just won tickets to go see Metric!" She exclaims!

That Friday we sat in on an exclusive acoustic Metric performance. A small crowd of about fifty people arrived at Mississippi Studio on the east side of Portland at 2p.m. We sat front row and had the opportunity to meet with Emily Haines and Metric after the show. They played a small 5 song set that merely wetted the taste buds for the show that was to occur later that night at the Wonder Ballroom. Unfortunately, because of my surgery we could not attend the later show but were happy to have had such a unique experience.

Thanks Alyss and 94.7!!!

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djjonezzzz said...

wow beautiful pictures. If I was an American on the Oregon Trail way back when, I would be motivated not only by the trails beauty, but also the Iousshovehi.