Saturday, May 2, 2009

Sarah & The Surf

Sarah and Alyssa at Multnomah Falls

Multnomah Falls

Otter Rock Surf

The Girls at Otter Rock

Sarah Elliot the world traveling vagabond and best friend made her way to Portland the last weekend in May. Spending her last year at Crystal Mountain in Washington and the prior two years surfing throughout New Zealand, it took only a few moments to decide that it was time to bring Sarah to the coast when she arrived in town.

The best swell seemed to be on Sunday afternoon so we spent the weekend hopping around Portland; art fairs, comedy festivals and the occasional bar. On Saturday afternoon we set off to the Columbia River Gorge to experience Hood River. Like predicted the weather was less than perfect but typical for this time of year in the Pacific Northwest. On our way we made the stop at Multnomah Falls just off of highway 84. Having made prior obligations with friends we ventured back towards the city for a night on the town.

With rain on the horizon for the weekend, we set out to improve our skills in what was forecasted to be a rainy 50 degree day with water temperatures around 45 degrees. To our suprise and the suprise of many other who joined us in the surf come late afternoon the sun peaked from the clouds on the west side of the coastal mountains. 65 degrees and a sun that made sure to give us all a sun burn warmed up the sea enough to give us a good number of waves. With the occasional seal spotting only a few feet away it felt like they were having just as much fun in the sun as we were.

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