Monday, January 5, 2009

Whale Watching Spoken Here

Growing up most boys become fascinated with dinosaurs or race cars but for some reason I became fascinated with whales. I have never really figured out what drew me to them but in the years since childhood I have stayed just as captivated. I have gone whale watching in both the Pacific, Hawaii and Atlantic, Massachusetts. Yet my first time ever seeing a whale off the coast of Oregon was January 2nd this year. I had let too many trips to the coast past me by and made the somewhat nerdy proclamation that my new year’s resolution would be to “see more whales.”

So I set off on the second knowing that the Oregon Coast saw the majority of its migrating Gray Whales during December and January. As most Oregonians know this is not the best time to see anything in Oregon with the amount of rain and more recently snow that we have been getting. Fortunately the weather was little of a problem on the second in Depoe Bay, the self proclaimed whale watching capital of Oregon. As I entered the Oregon Parks Whale Watching Center in the middle of Depoe Bay I was welcomed by two park guides who told me about the long history of the area and the migrating whales of the Oregon coast. The centers two guides sat next to me as I stared intently out the viewing windows with a pair of binoculars being instructed on where to look for the whales. During my short time at the center I saw four whales and a total of 41 had been seen that day by noon.

Depoe Bay is not only known for its whales but it also has the world’s smallest harbor where on many occasions I have spotted a relaxed harbor seal (the same size as normal harbor seals). Being located between Newport and Lincoln City, Depoe Bay is a great place to relax, shop and reminisce about your childhood.

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