Monday, October 13, 2008

Fly Fishing: The Crooked River and the Metolious

The Metolious River

The Crooked River

Ron and the Red Side

I met the husband of one of Alyssa's bosses at a dietetics potluck the other day and he asked me if I would be interested in going fly fishing with him. Little did I know the trip would turn into a 6am to 10pm all day fishapalooza. He did show me two great rivers though, The Crooked in central Oregon and The Metolious in the high Cascades. It turned out that I had a great time and that Ron was a great guy. The Metolious is world famous for its fish and I hooked into a big one but snapped him off a soon as I hooked him. Otherwise, I caught one fish all day and it was on The Crooked river at about 1pm. The fish is what is referred to as a Red Side and is a unique to Oregon version of the Rainbow trout. Above are some of the pics. Including a picture of Ron with a Red Side that he caught on a tiny black and yellow nymph.



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